10 Tips You Must Know Reduce Debt by Mike Green

There are many things that you need to know to reduce your debt, but you may not know what the best ways are or how to get them going. Here are 10 tips you must know reduce debt that is the essence of the John Cummuta [http://www.mydebtfreeplan.com/transforming-debt-into-wealth.html] course and that will help get you started.

1) Get serious about your debt.
Once you are serious about changing the place that you are in then it’s much easier to get rid of the debt that you have. Once you accept that you are in this debt and can change it you are taking the first steps to getting out of debt and starting a new life.

2) Get the things that you want and need without using credit
There are many things that you can get without using credit if you know how to save and use your money in a different way. You can buy the smaller items you need without having to pull out that credit card. You can check out many resources available to you such as John Cummuta’s e-course for your debt reduction needs.

3) Find out where your money is going
If you know where you are spending your money then you might be more likely to avoid the places that are helping to increase your debt and go for the ones that are helping to bring it down for you.

4) Know your interest rates
Many companies will not tell you that you are getting a higher interest rate because they want you to pay the higher rate so they make more money. If you call them and tell them that you would like a lower interest rate then you may just get it from them.

5) Don’t get any more credit cards!
Credit cards are great for emergencies and the like, but you may not want to have the thought of being able to go purchase anything just because you have a credit card that you can use over your head.

6) Know what that great car deal really costs
You may be tempted to go to a dealership when they are having one of those great sales, but you should know a few things about what you are buying. You need to know what that car you are looking at purchasing really cost. You don’t want to over extend your budget by purchasing a car that is way too high priced from what you really need.

7) Know what you are spending when it comes to your home
You need to know what your house terms will be so that you can get the best deal when you are getting your loan. You should know what a fixed rate mortgage is as well as an adjustable rate mortgage so you are getting the best deal that you can.

8) Have a mindset that credit is not what you need all the time
If you start a mindset of not having to use a credit card or get into debt anymore then you have to, then you will find that your debt will decrease and you will have more money to use on other things. This is a cardinal rule from John Commuta’s course “Transforming your debt into wealth”

9) Know how much debt you have
When you know how much debt you truly have you can find a solution for bringing it down as well.

10) Don’t let Debt ruin your life.
You may think that your debt is the worst thing in the world, but it’s really not as bad as you may think. You just need to follow these 10 tips you must know reduce debt and get all the information you can.

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Mike Green, a freelance writer who has done many articles on debt relief and reviews of debt programs like John Cummuta [http://www.mydebtfreeplan.com/transforming-debt-into-wealth.html]

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